Thursday, December 2, 2010


Yes it's that time of year again.  Christmas!  The hustle and bustle of the crowds as you shop for that perfect gift for Aunt Betty, or for the doll little Susie just has to have.  You adorn the house with all the garland, tinsel, and candles you stored in the garage.  And you can't forget the Christmas card list you've so carefully updated from last year.  But there's another side of Christmas we forget all too often until someone reminds us.  Christ's birth.  Let me tell you a story from my house.

We downsized over a year ago and I had packed the grand children's books and hadn't unpacked them until recently.  I had a large book on Jesus life that had pop ups on each page.  When my daughter's schedule had her working nights she would d\rop my three grandchildren off for a few hours.  My youngest granddaughter found the book tucked away under an end table and pulled it out to read.  Mind you she is only eighteen months old so I set her on my lap and with her three year old sister standing next to me I tried reading the story to them.  They were not interested in the story but more interested in the pop up pictures so I just started explaining the pictures to them.  Of course, reminding them not to tear the book which I'm sure they are getting tired of hearing.  My eight year old grandson listened but is more interested in the video I've put in the player than the stories about Jesus.

Yesterday I stopped by my daughter's house to drop off some things she asked me to pick up while I was out shopping.  My three year old granddaughter met me at the door along with mommy.  Mommy and I stood and talked for a minuted when the granddaughter asked me "Where's Jesus."  My daughter said.  "What did you say."

I told her we read the story about Jesus and she just asked me where was Jesus.  Mommy was caught off guard for a minute.  Mommy tells her about Jesus but they do not go to church but once in a while and the children don't go to Sunday school.  I turned to my granddaughter and said.  "Jesus is in your heart.  He's in mine."

She said.  "No He isn't."

Mommy replied.  "He's in my heart."

To that my granddaughter looked at both of us and said again.  "No He isn't."

Mommy and I told her again Jesus lives in our hearts but for a three year old she was not buying that.  My only prayer is that the more I tell her and the more she is told the story of Jesus she will begin to understand.  With God's guidance I will continue.

Until then....

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