Thursday, December 9, 2010


Christmas Season is upon us again and like everyone else I'm running around trying to get everything put together for our semi-annual trip to Disney.  My phone rings constantly if not from the telemarketers it's my daughter asking still another question. 

Jenn is next to my youngest but she is the only one that lives close by.  I see her and the grandchildren almost everyday.  She will pick up the phone and ask me how long do I have to boil a whole chicken, to do you think I should take the baby to the doctor if she keeps complaining about her mouth hurting.  Then there are times when she is pretty upset over someone or something and she just has to have a sounding board.  After she has sounded off she says thank you and hangs up. 

The other day I told her she was going to have a hard time after I'm called to heaven.  She said.  "Mom don't talk like that.  You're too young, besides we need you."

I tried explaining to her we don't live forever.  We are born, live our lives, then we die.  It's how we live our lives that make an impact on others.  Again her reply was "I don't want to talk about it."

I finally told her.  "Well Jenn when it does happen and you are really needing to let off steam about something here's what you'll need to do.  Pick up the phone and dial 1-800-2heaven and I'll be there."

Until then.............

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