Monday, November 15, 2010


That sounds like a song title doesn't it.  The days go speeding by faster and faster.  I try to cram everything into a day that I can and end up being exhausted.  Then I'm done in the next day.  I guess that's life!

Reading, riting, and ritmatic....hope to the tune of the hickory stick.  An old childhood song comes to mind.  Yes I still have a mind but it wanders a lot more now than it did back then.  I try to get in the reading, reading every book and magazine in site.  Taking in how other writers spin their words to make a great story.  Then I let my fingers fly over the keyboard to see if I can match theirs.  But no I don't do arithmatic or rithmatic as the song says.  I have a hard enough time adding one and one to get two.  My better half takes care of that!

Research and more research takes time but if you want your story to have credibility you need to do your research.  I have finally found information on different Native American songs and languages.  I was beginning to think I needed to go live with them for awhile to get a better idea of everyday life.  Come to think of it that's not a bad idea.  Oh well the next best thing.....research!

Then when you are working on three different project, all at one time, you still have to do research!  Especially if it is the genealogy you are working on to finish putting the book together.  Crossing the t's and dotting the i's to make sure it is right.  It is looking good my friend, looking good.

One other project......devotional book.  That takes research too.....God's Word.  Quiet time with Him is the best.  So.....

Until then....

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