Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I think I'm on a roll.  Well maybe a slow, meandering, wobbling, like of roll.  I find something then the phone rings and then I forget where I'm at, so I start something else.  Oh, no, is that the seniors disease?  You know old timers?  I can loose track so easily.

I need to look up a few things relating to genealogy and I'm waiting for land papers from my great great grandfather.  At least I hope it's my relative.  His son had property close to his.  And I didn't think he owned any land.  I thought, really I did, think he was a free loader, but maybe I was wrong.  I do know though he liked to move around a lot.  Maybe that's where I get my itchy feet from.  I know my mother got her itchy feet from him. 

Then there is research for my novel.  I'm really excited about Katie.  She is finding her way......oops can't give too much away.  I am getting there so but sure.

It's a beautiful day, hot inside, and my fingers are flying over the keyboard.  Hopefully there will be something to report soon.

Until then..............

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