Monday, October 18, 2010


My how time flys.  I thought I just expressed my views on ancestry but when I looked at the date that was two weeks ago.  Where did the time go to?  Either I'm getting old, slowing down, or I don't know what is going on!

My daughter tells me I try to do too much and I suppose she is right.  Let's see, take care of the house, (when I say take care of the house I mean laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dogs, and everything else in between)the lawn, babysit for her when needed, Red Hat meetings, Bible study, genealogy meetings, make sure I spend quality time with my husband, and the list goes on.  I forgot scrapbooking and making cards for our card ministry.  Did I cover everything?

Did I say writing?  How can I squeeze that in?  Oh yes, I can't forget, research!  Without the research I can't write the facts.  Research for writing devotionals.....making sure I have the correct verse to go with what I'm talking about, research on Indians for the book on Katie, and the list goes on.  I should be one smart gal!

So with this new week starting I vow to get some writing done!  Please Lord I pray I am able to get a few chapters done along with my devotionals for the week.  Amen.

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