Friday, July 2, 2010

Working On The Book

Or shall I say the book(s). Hopping from one to the other......making corrections, adding, taking out things that don't make sense, and just plain rewriting.........tweaking.

Writing is continuous and rewriting is like fine tuning. Going over and over to make sure it sounds right, right grammar, and all around good reading.

Belonging to a critique group is a number one priority. At least belonging to one is a priority for me. You keep checking your wonderful masterpiece and you see nothing amiss but when you take it to the group, well ........
They find the punctuation marks in the wrong place, misspelled words, and you get the picture. What do they say, oh yes, four eyes are better than one. And in a group it's more than four eyes.

So my friends we have this long week end to play at the lake, lay around and do nothing, clean out the garage, have a bar-b-que, and we can work on our novels. So alright maybe, for me anyway, clean out the garage, and work on the novel.

Until then......

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