Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm in Overload Mode

I was in Tampa last week and arrived home late Thur. I hit the ground running you might say. Friday morning I was at a meeting to help finalize our workshop that evening, then off to the store, and back home again to check messages. One o'clock found me at my daughter's babysitting while she took the oldest to get his passport (a trip with a friend at Christmas to Costa Rica) then home again to fix my dish for the evening.

Our writer's group is least the ladies that put together our speakers, authors, and give of their time to make sure we have a great take away from the workshops. We heard Janice Hanna Thompson, over sixty books to her credit, speak about Finding My Unique Place in the Writing Industry.

Then off to hear the other speakers in their workshops, Allison Pittman (Revising Your Writing for Depth and Creating Multi-Dimensional Characters), Kelly Irvin (Maintaining Suspense in Your Fiction), Eileen Key (Research in Contemporary Fiction), Karen Roth (Research in Historical Fiction). What a blessing to each one of our eager writers who want to learn how to craft their writing. top off the excellent week end on Monday night, our usual critique night, we were able to hear Steven James talk about his writing. WOW. He has four novels out, mystery, and they are titled from a chess set (Rook, Knight, Pawn, Bishop). Yes I got all four and I want to sit down and read all four at once.

We have an awesome writer's group and I feel privileged to belong to it. Everyone is willing to help each other and lift them up when they are feeling low. Thank you Lord.

Until then........

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