Monday, April 8, 2013


Well after a month or maybe a wee bit more of trying to find the connection to my 98% match of DNA I started all over again.  I knew it had to be there, that I was overlooking it, and low and behold there it was!

I started with the first name, father's side, then went to his parents, then to his parents.  BOWER!  There it was Lydia (Liddie) BOWER married Jason COMMINS (CUMMINS/CUMMINGS) in Michigan.  I saw it when I first started but didn't follow up on it.  Instead I wasted my time on following up on everything else.  Well I do have a good family tree for this family.

Now then, my BOWER was born in New York and traveled to Michigan back in early 1830's.  Their BOWER was born in New York and traveled to Indiana then went to Michigan.  Now to find the exact link as we share the third great grandparents.

One good thing about this is that I will finally know my BOWER side of the family as I have not looked into any of it.  You would not believe how many BOWERS lived in Mighican in the counties I am looking into!   

So my Mary Bower married James Reuben Barnes in 1839 in St Joseph County, Michigan.  I did/do not know Mary's parents but a John BOWER Jr. gave Mary away at her wedding.  Looks like John Jr. is her brother.

Lydia (Liddie/Lida) married Jason COMMINS in Grand Traverse County, Michigan.  Lydia's father is Joseph BOWER born in Indiana and his father is Grant BOWER born in New York.  Grant's father is Isaac BOWER.

So onward and upward!

Until then...........................

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