Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A new week with a new lead.  I'm excited.  This is a 98% match on Ancestry saying there is a match of a 3rd cousin.  I looked over all the names, places, dates, and saw nothing that I recognized. 

I've done extensive research on my mother's side of the family.  I had to do that when I put our family genealogy book together last year for our reunion.  I took all of her father's father's side and his mother's side of the family.  Right down to where they came from in New York.  On all sides I hit brick walls around 1809 & 1820 time frame.  But it was pretty drawn out from brothers, sisters, etc.

Then on my mother's side I researched back to the late 1700's in Germany.  I have where they came to America in the late 1800's.  So I can safely say I know the Green, Barnes, Wood, and Valentine side of the family.

Enough said.

Now the man that is on my birth certificate says Eisentrager.  From all accounts, at least what I know today, this is not my father.  But, when I thought he was my father, I did pretty good research on his line.  Back to 1840 when Henry Eisentrager came from Germany and went to Illinois married Anne Sees, then on to Iowa where he died in the early 1900's.

So here is my dilema........not sure who my father is.  I chased the rabbit....abeit.......the man that was listed on the divorce decree, because I thought he was the one.  Not so.  I found a cousin who took the DNA test and there is no match.  By the way, the cousin, we choose to remain cousins.  Our friendship goes beyond family, we are friends.

Back to square one........who is he????

This 98% match gives names I've never heard of plus they are all from Virginia and Arkansas.  How did one of this clan make his way to Austin, Minnesota, meet my mother, and produce me?

Got to dig a little deeper.  Then there is still this mystery man that my mother has labeled Jr. Waverly, soldier boy from Waterloo.  Who is he?  Is this the one? 

Here is the picture again.  The mystery man........pretty good looking I might add.  Guess he made my mother's heart flutter.  The time frame is 1941/1942.

Until then.............................

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