Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Week New Challenges

My dear readers

I am really behind this week.  Story of my life.  I am my biggest challenge.  First of all I took a long week end to be with six other crafting sisters.  We do this every year, taking off to our retreat in the hill country to do our Christmas gift crafting (and of course get caught up on things we've put off throughout the year)!

I for one put together two picture scrapbooks of the big family reunion.  Then I set out to work on Katie's story.  I have not forgotten Katie........  I guess I was tired because I hit a key, and don't ask me what key, but I hit THE key and erased the whole page I was working on!  How upsetting and I know there are a lot of other writers who have done the same thing.  BUT....so I'm trying to remember what I wrote, and believe me that is not going to be easy.  I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning (already). 

Enough of that...

So later today I will have the obits from this last Sunday posted for those of you that keep up with that.

Later today, no house work, only errands to fix the grandson's tablet I got him for his birthday, then it's back to writing. 

So until then................

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