Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I found pictures of my mother with a gentleman in 1941 & 1942 living in Austin, MN.  Since I found the pictures, 1999, I have tried in vain to figure out who this man is.  The caption under the picture of him states Jr. Waverly, soldier boy from Waterloo.  I found out there are a lot of states that can say they have a town or city named Waterloo.

The man is wearing a uniform, which I took was a WWII uniform, probably Army.  I took the picture to the Ft. Sam Houston Historical Museum in San Antonio, TX and they couldn't identify the uniform.  So I'm back to square one again.  Who is this man?

As I dug deeper into my mother's relationship I found out she was close to several other gentlemen too.  As one observer put it, they were sweet on each other.  Well here we have it.  During 1941 my mother married, and he left right away for Camp Cleburn, Louisana.  She had pictures of her, very close and chummy, with Waverly plus a trip to Buffalo Bill's grave in Golden CO.  Then when I found her divorce papers in the archives she had a child while her husband was away.

When her husband came home from the war my mother had a baby with his last name.  He claimed the child was not his and that she had an affair and he gave the child's birthdate for the court records.  MY BIRTHDATE.  My mother signed an affidavit stating that was true.  What a surprise!

Now then I have been left the dilemma of trying to figure out who my father really is.  Oh did I add that all of the parties stated above have since passed away.  I think I may have found one of them but how do I go about proving it?  I've had my DNA done and so far nothing has jumped up. 

But I'm really stumped on Waverly.  Take a look at the picture and maybe you may know him.  At least give me a name.

Until then.....................................

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