Sunday, January 15, 2012


My new year's resolution to myself, my goal,  is that I will finish one project then go on to the next.  Last year I took on too many things and then ended up not completing any one of them.  OVERLOAD!

So what I'm trying to say is that Katie will have to wait to be finished.  I started writing about Katie two years ago.  Then life happened and she got pushed aside, but not forgotten.  My heart has been with with Katie and her plight in life.

Since I have a big GREEN family reunion this June I am going to complete the historical fiction book. I'm writing about him.  Oh, that is Nathaniel Green, my great great grandfather. 

Ever since I started researching my mother's father's side of the family it has become a passion.  Sometimes I cannot walk away from it.  My mind goes over and over on what might have happened.  Just like in real life there are so many twists and turns.  I think I've got a good handle on his life and that is why I've decided to write about it.  WHEW.......

I've found most of his children, who they married, where they lived and died.  All except two, Edward and Ezra.  When my husband and I get in the car my mind starts going into overdrive and I engage him in what if's.  What if Ezra ran off with another woman.  What if he died on his way out west.  What if Edward went off to live with his mother's relatives.  What if, what if, what it.  It's all plausable.  Life is like that.

So back to writing about Nathaniel.  I have told myself, and now I'm telling you, that I intend to write four (4) pages a day.  Now to try to live up to that.  Until then.........................................

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