Monday, March 7, 2011


And then there is the big family reunion coming up next year.  Got to have that book finished for the reunion.  It's close, but then that only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  I sent the flyer out to quite a few family members, most all of the documentation is done, and I have the story to go with the book.  Now to get it into perspective.

Nathaniel T. Green born in New York, somewhere in New York, moved west until he made it to the Oregon coast.  Took him eighty years but he made it.  Of course he stopped along the way, homesteaded, married, had children, raised children, and had visions of our great country that was still unsettled.

Sometimes I sit and ponder what our country must have looked like in the 1800's.  Wild animals, land that was lush with vegetation, untamed rivers, lakes, and streams.  Clear blue skies ranging from light blue to deep prussian blue when wild storms formed. to get to writing.

Until then........

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