Saturday, May 11, 2013


What a whirl wind trip this week.  My daughter decided we were going to Chicago to the American Girl Place for the four year old's birthday.  We left 6 a.m. Wed and came back 6 a.m. Thu.  WHEW!

I was really impressed with how clean Chicago was.  People were very friendly and helpful.  They probably felt sorry for us as I'm sure we looked like two hicks from the sticks with two little girls wandering the streets of the big city!  We are so countrified.

We stayed at the Raffaello, an older hotel but was quiet, clean, and very nice, only a block from the Water Tower shopping.  The American Girl Place was located in the Water Tower.  Such shopping.  I've never seen so much doll accessories in my life.  You can pick out a dress for your little princess then find the same dress for your doll.  Oh yes, your little princess can pick out a doll that looks just like her.  They have a beauty shop for the dolls if you want her hair fixed in a certain style too. 

We mentioned to the sales lady it was our little princess's birthday and she suggested us staying for the tea.  Well it was lunch time, and we were hungry, and this was a special trip!  So we proceeded to the tea room.  When we entered the hostess took our information, picked up a special seat for the doll, so she could enjoy the tea too, and lead us to our table.  While my daughter and I looked over the menu the girls, the birthday girl and her sister, sat their new doll in her own chair that was hooked onto the table. 

We enjoyed a delightful lunch starting with drinks, the usual, coffee, tea, soda, water, whatever you wanted.  Then a tray of tiny pretzels filled with soft cheddar cheese, strawberries cut in half with a small slice of cheese, cucumbers, celery sticks, carrot sticks, and topped off with ranch dip.  Then I ordered broccoli quiche, which I must say was the best quiche I've had in a long time.  My daughter had a chicken sandwich, one granddaughter had chicken nuggets, and the birthday girl had the picnic lunch.  The picnic lunch was a miniature hot dog, cheeseburger, and fries.  I highly recommend going to the tea if you decide to go to the American Girl Place.

The suggested place to visit was Giordano's.  So we walked, to work up our appetite after that big lunch, to the best Chicago pizza place in town.  At least that was what we were told, and they were right.  As soon as I walked in the smell took me back to my youth when we'd go to the old pizza huts.  The bread mingled with the spices cooking made your mouth water.  We even carried our uneaten pizza all the way back to San Antonio to share with family!

Although I enjoyed my time with the daughter and granddaughters my walk along Lake Michigan was special for me.  I started a book, awhile back, about my great, great, grandfather landing in Chicago on his way west.  The information I got about the docks, streets, etc. were all from a book and I wrote about it.  But when I actually looked out across the lake I could only imagine what it felt like in 1858.  I saw tall buildings, cars speeding by me with horns blaring, and lots of concrete.  He saw dirty docks, marshy land, hustle and bustle of people with horses and wagons.  I can't wait now to finish that book. 

Of course I have to finish Katie first!  Stay tunes.

Until then............................................

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