Monday, November 19, 2012


I'm finally home again.  Had a wonderful time on our mountain vacation.  It was quite cold a few days but we weathered through it pretty good.  The day after we arrived home our daughters gave me a surprise birthday party.  And believe me it was a surprise.  You have to get up pretty early to surprise me and they did it.  Of course, it was probably because we were out of town that they were able to keep little mouths from letting the cat out of the bag.

So today I will be trying to play catch up and then get ready for Thanksgiving.  AND of course we can't forget black Friday.  My daughter says "It's tradition Mom, we have to go shopping".  So once again I will be up before day light and join the ranks of the other mothers, grandmothers, etc., and push the cart while the girls go fetch and I keep their place in line to check out.

I wish a very blessed Thanksgiving to one and all.  And hope the men don't wear their thumbs out changing channels to catch up on all the games on turkey day.

Until then...................

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