Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Tree DNA vs Ancestry DNA

The family reunion is over and it's back to getting the book put together.  The novel about my great, great, grandfather.  I'm pushing myself, but not hard enough.  The blood hound in me keeps being diverted to looking for more ancestors.  AND still trying to find out who my father is.

I had my DNA done through Family Tree DNA about four years ago then upgraded it to the Family Finder.  Now mind you I have found a fourth cousin through the Family Finder, or rather she found me.  I keep scanning the names and the names they have listed are not even close to who I'm searching.

About seven months ago I had my DNA done through Ancestry.  They gave me a pretty pie chart to show me where most of my ancestors came from. I belong to the halogroup H1 also known as The Colonists.  It says I belong to the same halogroup as the individual whos mtDNA was used to establish the standard (rCRS) with which we compare everyone's results.  I am 75% British Isles, 16% Eastern European, 6% Finnish/Volga-Ural, and 3% Uncertain.  What does that uncertain mean?Okay, I'm lost!

The Colonists group may have migrated to Europe, the Near East or the Caucasus Mountains, settling in present-day Basque Country, Scandinavia, Sardinia and other parts of Europe.

Now then what I know for SURE is most of my ancestors came from England, Ireland, and Germany.  When I look at the people that I share cM blocks with along with the longest blocks, I'm not connecting with anyone I know.

Some of the people on my Family Tree DNA are also on my Ancestry DNA.  We share common DNA but, there we are again, can't come up with who it is that we are related to.

It's so confusing.  So I'm still looking......for my father........and trying to figure out how I'm related to some.

Untill then...........................will keep you posted.................................

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