Thursday, April 12, 2012


I've taken a bit of a break with the blogging.  Since they added the 1940 census on I've been reading pages and pages of names, dates, places.  And I still haven't found this man. 

I've stated before my mother had an affair with Bud Wyburn, and got caught I might add, but this man pictured with my mother is also quite friendly.  My mother put his picture in her album, dated it, and then added his name.  Junior Waverly, soldier boy from Waterloo.  The date was 1942.  Actually the picture was taken in front of Buffalo Bill Cody's grave in Golden, CO, Mar 1942.  Thank you, Mom for dating your album.

Then there are several other pictures of Junior in Austin, MN where my mother lived.  I'm not sure if he was stationed at Ft. Snelling or where. 

There you have it, Junior standing in front of a car.  I don't know if it's his car or not but it was taken in Austin, MN in 1941/42. 

Maybe someone reading this knows him or of him.  He is the mystery man  that I've been looking for for a few years now.  By the way there is a Waterloo, IA; Waterloo, WI; Waterloo, OH; Waterloo, ON, Canada; and who knows how many more Waterloo's there are out there, except to say, yes, there is one in France. 

A little help is greatly appreciated.

Until then..................................

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