Monday, August 1, 2011


You would think with all this hot weather I'd be at the computer just working my little fingers to the nub.  Well like most everyone else the day goes by and I can't remember what I really accomplished.  The pool becons me..........and I've left poor Katie wandering the wilds of Illinois looking for her parents after the battle.  And then there is Nathaniel still google eyed over Sarah.  Still bumbling when he see her.

I've been putting together all the material for the Genealogy of Nathaniel Green so it will be ready for the first time family reunion next year.  That in it's self is a feat.  Trying to get everything into the computer, which I might add, I'm not that smart working on the computer!  I'm still learning.

Well I do have a date to look at early days of the big city of Cibolo and get those in order for the new Cibolo history book that is in stage ONE.  We've been compiling information, speaking to the older generation, and mapping out the city.

Too many projects at the same time.  I heard a phrase long ago, simply said, yard by yard is hard, inch by inch is a cinch.  You bet.

Unitil then....................

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