Friday, February 26, 2010

The Last Friday of February

I can't believe February has only two days left of the month. Well three if you want to count today. I've made the copies of my manuscript to give to an editor to give it the once over. Find all the mistakes, boo boos, and then to make it right before looking for a publisher. That's the big one. How do you go about finding a publisher? Going to conferences is one of the ways but what if you aren't scheduled to go to a conference for a few months or more? I've thought about self publishing but that takes money and I really would not like to put out a bunch of money. Not that I don't believe in what I've written, it's just that I'd rather not pay to have it published. I have no problem in promoting my work. Let's face it in todays world money is short, for everyone. If you self publish you tend to have to charge more for your book. I'd like every woman to be able to pick up a copy without it hurting her bank account. And so it goes...........

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