Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas is a comin'

Where has the time gone this year? It's Christmas again, scurrying to buy that special gift for Aunt Jane or Uncle Toby. The smell of pine needles and cinnamon fill the air. I must remember where I hide the gifts this year so I don't find them next June! I don't know why I still hide the gifts, the kids are all grown and gone. Old habits just don't die quickly. Children and grandchildren live so far away any more that it's just as easy to slip a gift card into an envelope along with their Christmas card and mail it. Somehow that is kind of cold. I like the enjoyment of shopping and picking out each gift. Oh well, got to get to baking too. Freezing the cookies and pies. OOPS I'm forgetting Thanksgiving. Only two weeks away. More baking, more shopping, more family, more cleaning..............

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